Tableau Dashboards
Many of my client Tableau dashboards are private, here are a few snapshots from samples and prototypes.

This is a snapshot from the American Board of Pediatrics workforce data page.  I was hired to provide consulting and support in the visualization of this data for public consumption.

This is a basic exploratory interface design I developed to explore medical expenditure data.  Not built for dissemination, but for exploration, this tool allowed me to spot certain trends in per capita drug expenditures.

Tableau prep is an incredible tool for tying together multiple datasets, restructuring data, and cleaning prior to analysis.

This is the updated Strengths Finder Dashboard.  It is designed to fit a letter size piece of paper in portrait orientation.  Meaning this can be printed and discussed in meetings.

The data in matrix format needed to be restructured for use in Tableau.  Luckily Tableau prep makes that easy.

This is a common Excel Template used to visualize Strengths Finder data.  My client challenge was to create a better, more useful, visual.

This dot plot shows public disability data that is usually confined to a series of Excel worksheets, all in one interface. 

A basic exploratory analysis, revisiting data I used for my Master's thesis.

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